The Fitbit’s acquisition is over, announces Google

Google published an official statement that its acquisition of Fitbit is over. Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services for Google announced, "We will work with Fitbit’s team to design a totally new wearable devices which will carry new and user-friendly functions”.

He continued the statement adding that “We want to present a total new product under Fitbit brand name, it will be an eco-friendly product which will be easy to wear and use. We value customers, and we are dedicated to create comfortable devices for them”.

Google Fitbit

Google, however, states that it was open to pushing ahead with the declaration notwithstanding the DOJ's absence of a framed choice. It referred to that a time of examination is far past a temporary period without a protest. This is Google's assertion according to Android Authority:

We complied with the DOJ's thorough audit for as long as 14 months, and the resolved audit ended without their complaint after keeping the time. We stay in touch with them and are intent on responding to any additional questions. We are confident that this arrangement will generate competition in the market of exceptionally jam-packed wearables, and we have made responsibilities that we plan to update.

James Park, fellow benefactor and CEO of Fitbit, reiterated the appraisal, composing:

“Our customers' confidence will continue to be crucial, and we will retain strong information protection and security insurance, give you control over your data, and remain transparent about what we collect and why. Google will continue to maintain the welfare of Fitbit customers and has made progress in reducing obligations with worldwide controllers, affirming that the well-being and health information of Fitbit customers will not be used for Google marketing, and this information will be kept separate from other Google promotion information.”

Google also purchased Timex smartwatch technology for $40 million at the end of 2019, making it highly likely that the company could quickly take on the Apple Watch. Naturally, the item has not only been a monstrous success for Apple in this way, it has paved the way for a wide variety of wellness contributions, including the late dispatched Fitness+.

Elena Alam

Elena Alam

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