The first labor union of Google and Alphabet workers

The world started to think that labor unions are fashion of the past, usually we read it in old newspapers and can’t imagine that labor unions are active in the technological era we are living in. But the news shocked the whole world when about 200 workers of Alphabet, a subsidiary of Google, formed a union at the same time in the United States and Canada.

labor union of Google and Alphabet workers
Photo by @NBC News

It is considered very unusual that a labor union is formed in the tech sector, it’s a unique happening by its nature because no one before even imagined of such an idea. Employees of other IT companies like Pinterest, Flickr and Twitter are taking the move as a positive step as they themselves think being victim of same what has been reported at Google and Alphabet.

These young intellectuals with brighter minds from different part of the world want transparency and inclusivity from their employer, Alphabet – we can say directly from Google. For a giant of IT like  Google its something the company wasn’t waiting for. Kara Silverstein, the PR director of Google  commented the matter with the words “We always tried our level best to provide a friendly, supportive and a rewarding atmosphere for our workers, and we value our staff”.

A little earlier the world was shocked when it was revealed that female staff at Google in various locations faces sexual harassment and ethical issues by the directors and seniors. The matter got bitter when Google fired its well known Artificial Intelligence researcher Timinit Gebru.

Nick Anselmo who turns to be one of the key figures among labor union formers defended the formation with his statement “Our values must be protected at the Alphabet, we want them to know that talented and humble employees are valuable and respectable, for their services and for the intellect they possess”.  He added that “We ensure that our union will ethically pursue the matters we are concerned about”.

Dan Blake
The Gawker Contributor since 2020
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