Super Bowl 2021 results and recaps

How about we analyze who won the match, the score, and how the result came to be what it was, with the 2021 Super Bowl in the books.

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes went head to head in the 2021 Super Bowl, so who won when the two collided in Tampa Bay? How about we look at the 2021 Super Bowl score, how the greatest game of the NFL took care of business the way it did, much like the results of the ongoing Super Bowls. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9 Kansas City Chiefs

As he tossed for 201 yards and three points, Brady completed 75 percent of his passes. 88 hurrying yards were added by Leonard Fournette and a score, while 61 surging yards were added by Ronald Jones. With 67 yards in six meetings, Burglarize Gronkowski scored two points. For 270 yards, Patrick Mahomes could only complete 53 percent of his attempts, and he was continuously limited by the Buccaneers' careful line in uncomfortable circumstances. As he tried to drive his party once again into the game, Mahomes would end up tossing two block attempts.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire found out how to post 64 surging yards on nine conveys, while on nine gatherings, Travis Kelce added 133 accepting yards. Seven meetings featured 73 yards from Tyreek Hill, with much of that yard coming in the final quarter. Nevertheless, the Buccaneers' guard destroyed the dangerous Chiefs' offense to a great extent. At that point, the Chiefs' defense messed up on the Buccaneers' next drive over and over again.

Before an offside punishment on a field goal extended the drive, a holding punishment invalidated a capture. For the pair's second score of the 2021 Super Bowl, Brady exploited and discovered Rob Gronkowski.

Elena Alam

Elena Alam

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