Parler App tops as Twitter and Facebook ban President Trump

The world observed a very scandalous new year with full of top stories especially in the US. It all began on 6th January when president Trump threw an aggressive speech in Washington which worked as a fuel poured on a fire. A few hours later the supporters of the president stormed the Capitol building which wasn’t expected even by Trump himself.

Just before the mishap Trump tweeted boldly, aggressively and furiously, when the Capitol building was stormed the Twitter administration decided to halt Trump’s official Twitter account with a condition of stopping Trump from aggressive tweets which actually didn’t work, Mr. President was banned permanently by Twitter and Facebook the very next day.

The ban erupted a debate over free speech, the Trump aides and supporters started to blame Twitter and Facebook for interrupting the free speech flow they were known for. It isn’t clear though who suggested downloading Parlor – a Twitter like application, but the application saw a load of new registrations in its database within 24 hours, the application was downloaded  more than 1 million times just in 48 hours.

Parlor which was an average app on Apple Store and Google Play market jumped to № 1 on 9th of January 2021. Many Trump senators and aides such as Dan Bongino, Eric Trump, Ted Cruz, and Brad Parscale started a campaign named as #GoingtoParlor which was taken as an open invitation to Trump supporters to leave Twitter and join Parlor instead.

The application is removed from Apple Store and Google Play market and can’t be downloaded anymore but those who have already downloaded the application are using it without any bugs so far. Since Parlor became a top trend and topped in social media application charts Twitter and Facebook have come under heavy criticism for their aggressive ban decisions and interrupting free speech flow not only in the US but also around the world.

Dan Blake
The Gawker Contributor since 2020
New York