No jackpot winners of Powerball so far, the Jackpot moves on Saturday

The Powerball Jackpot winner still remains unclear as of 09thof January 2021; it means that the chances move a little further, so many Americans still have a chance to win 470 million USD. It is the highest amount of Powerball Jackpot in the history. Saturday’s winning numbers were: 14, 26, 38, 45 and 46. The Power Ball drawn was 13 with a power play of 2X.

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The director general of Missouri Lottery Scheve Reardon said “Since a couple of years the Lottery is offering bigger amounts than before, and we know that our players are always ready to grab the Jackpot”. For the third time in history both Powerball and Mega Millions surpassed the 400 million USD figure. The lottery is legal and played in 45 states since 1992.

The CBS4, WBKB-TV and WDIV-NBC TV will broadcast  the draw live at 10:59pm on Saturday, the winner will be officially announced in the next morning. The last winner of Powerball Jackpot was Christy Davis who won 70 million USD in Feb 2020 while 2019’s Powerball wasn’t claimed by anyone.

Different lottery websites and bloggers shared their tips; some claimed that their tips helped previous lucky winners though none of previous winners confirmed that such tips worked. The winner of such lotteries can’t be anonymous as they get mega public attention from the moment their name is broadcasted; it’s amazing as well as it can be dangerous in some ways. Many lucky lottery winners vacant their jobs after they win, the reason behind these actions is understood as they don’t want to be pointed out where they live and work.

The winner will have options either to withdraw the Jackpot in 30 equal annual installments or to take away a lump-sum payment of 362.7 million USD after the tax deductions.

Elena Alam

Elena Alam

Lifestyle Reporter, Contributor at The Gawker