Grammy Awards 2021

The 63rd Grammy Awards were held without spectators for the first time due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the United States. The venue was the open part of the convention center in Los Angeles, against the backdrop of the former traditional venue, the Staples Center. There was no full house in the hall: the audience was not allowed. Perhaps a few journalists. But the Red carpet was left.

Grammy 2021
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On the eve of the presentation of the awards at the Grammy, another scandal broke out - the award was accused of corruption by The Weeknd. The popular rapper suggested that his album After Hours was not nominated due to the fact that he did not refuse to perform at the Super Bowl finals. After all, before the dates of the main American sports match and the Grammy were close, and the artist chose the stadium, not the stage of the music award. For which, in his opinion, he did not receive a single nomination for his really strong album. The Weekend has now banned him from being nominated for the Grammy and has vowed not to appear at any other ceremony. Beyoncé won the most prestigious statuettes - four. In second place is the new rap artist Megan Thee Stallion.

In general, the 63rd Grammy did not discover new talents, did not demonstrate fresh trends in the development of modern music. And at the same time, she confirmed that there are no obvious leaders in it - in previous years, the main winners won, as a rule, eight or nine awards. And the leaders turned out to be all the same: Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lady Gaga ... At the same time, representatives of rap and R-n-B dominated at the 63rd Grammy, and the performers of jazz and rock were again not successful and in demand. And there were few really strong works. A rare exception is the high-spirited and melodic group Strokes. To view full list of award winners CLICK HERE

Elena Alam

Elena Alam

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