Goodbye 2020. Welcome 2021!

It started as a usual year in our lives, but right after its beginning the 2020 year changed our lives, our lifestyles and even psychology of many of us. It has been an unusual year like no other as it brought us many things in a changed way. After more than 70 years of WWII we saw total market shutdowns, big cities went silent and giant economies collapsed. We saw millions of people getting buried in the smallest ever farewell gatherings, and we got familiar with the daily news of popular people and celebrities leaving us forever.

2020 vs 2021 ?

We hardly bought face masks in our lives before, But 2020 made it usual to wear a face mask, and it has become our lifestyle and a core part of our daily social life. The 2020 year taught us how to keep patience while standing in long queues because there is no other way for now, and we have to wait without irritations, and we are used to a new culture of keeping the face masks on.

The year 2020 was different in almost all ways, we witnessed an unusual spring with no children in our yards who love to play together, sing songs and ride on the seesaws. Our kids are now used to the term “Online” education. We witnessed an unusual summer – a summer where there were no people allowed to swim or to take a sunbath at lakes and seaside.  The autumn looked like never before as well, it was golden like always but with fewer people enjoying it. The winter began with a lot of psychological pressure on the faces of people, much of the population got into despair thinking of their financial problems, calculating even when walking and making small strategies to control family budgets.

Despite all above mentioned the 2020 year had a positive impact on our lives, yes it did. Reports confirm that it was the best year for climate over decades as there was less pollution, and it turned to be the best year for Ozone layer. The pools conducted confirmed that 2020 became the year of some positive changes in our social lives. We started to tolerate better than we ever did, and we are less irritated than ever before in public.

2021 is here and with a hope to relax from hard line market shutdowns and social lockdowns we are moving further, steadily and with the hope for the best as COVID-19 vaccines are already been injected. We are made strong enough to pass on the serious social exams like COVID-19, and we can do it only with patience and struggle we have shown so far.

Elena Alam

Elena Alam

Lifestyle Reporter, Contributor at The Gawker