Covid-19 Vaccination in the United States

The US still remains one of the worst Covid-19 effected countries, the number of daily active cases are still on a crucial wave, but a little relief is felt as the death stats go down. The world scientists started their struggle from the day it was detected  and since then many countries have announced anti Covid-19 vaccines with different capabilities.

The United States government has put two main goals concerning Covid-19 vaccines – the first one is to vaccinate those who are struggling hard for their life and the second goal is to prevent future potential effects of Covid-19 attacks. Since May 2020 The US health department have approved two vaccines which led debates and discussions among people who are curious to know how their organism will react to the vaccine, these are probably the most common and logical questions for anybody who is told that the vaccine is out to be injected.

Covid-19 Vaccine Bottle
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On 9th Nov. 2020 the FDA announced that the first emergency use for individuals aged 16 years or above effected by Covid-19 will come into effect. The FDA uncovered the name of the vaccine as BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine, the main producer and distributor of which turns to be the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Just after a month on 19th Dec. 2020 The FDA went on announcing Moderna as the second approved vaccine,  Nathan Arnold the spokesperson of FDA  confirmed in a press conference that the both vaccines have shown least side effects after being injected in as on experimental basis.

"We know we have tremendous challenges in the future, we are here to encounter the challenges with full scale development and distribution of vaccines against the monster we face, We will never let millions of Americans down. We must hurry but at the same time we know we must check all possible vaccines for their side effects", He added.

Comparing Moderna and BioNTech anti Covid19 & anti SARS vaccines.
Comparing Moderna and BioNTech anti Covid19 & anti SARS vaccines

The US is the first country to develop and experiment more than ten possible anti Covid-19 & anti SARS vaccines.  The BBC published a thorough comparison of both vaccines which are already confirmed as official attributable vaccines by the FDA by now.

Elena Alam

Elena Alam

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